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May 8, 2008

Why Carry a Bandana Backpacking

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Carry a bandanna and you’ll quickly discover that it has a lot of different uses. It can be used to dry pots and pans; as a neck, head, or hand kerchief; arm sling; emergency bandage; head band; wash rag; pot holder; dust mask; and, no doubt, a lot of other things. Heck, you can even blow your nose into it.

Wrap it around your head loosely in such a way that much of it is draping down the back of your neck. Usually a cap is needed to hold it on. This makes a great way to protect you neck from a sunburn. Get it wet first and the cooling effect is awesome. While hiking on Mt. Hood, I actually placed some snow inside my cap before putting it on and got double the cooling effect. One from the snow and again as it melted and wicked down the bandanna on my neck. Also my nose gets cold sleeping in the cold night air. I will often sleep with a bandanna tied like a loose dust mask. Tying it around my head similar to a headband where more of it is concentrated over my ears to block cold wind gusts as they can give me headaches or earaches. This set up has worked if I find myself sleeping close to a real snorer! It requires tying it a little tighter around my ears than I might normally but the jail time is less than tying it really really tight around his neck!!!

It could be used to repair things,  I ends of a broken backpack strap could be reconnected with a bandanna.
Some have information on them such as first aid, Morse code, survival skills, etc… You can have one with a game board like checkers on it.


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