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October 20, 2013

Indian Corn Back Ground

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Stock Photos: Indian Corn Picture. Image: 258793
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October 17, 2013

Airmail Pens from India

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Yesterday I got 2 pens in the mail from an Ebay seller called Sundaystreets. They sell among other things new fountain pens made by a company called Airmail Pens

They both ED or Eye Dropper pens. This means there is no filling system or cartridge for these. You just open them up and fill them up with ink and then screw them back together. It is just that weird and simple.

I discovered this brand of pens when I bought a Walty pen from an Ebay seller. It is also a pen mfg located in Indie but this one used a cartridge. I liked the nib as it was more flexible than most pens and I just got into liking flex pens.

So far I have cleaned and examined the two new pen but have not inked them yet. I wanted to take a couple of pics before I filled them with ink. Maybe tomorrow will hold more promise for that! I will also get photos of them up.

October 8, 2013

Private Reserve Fiesta Red FP ink

I got a sample of this ink and have been trying it out in my new Ahab pen from Noodlers. I love the pen and I love the color. What I do not love is that that wet writing pen lays down a beautiful expressive line that might not completely dry for well over a minute. I noticed especially the heavy down stokes.

The dark pen with that muted red ink are beautiful for sure, I just have to use it for select writing only!

Happy Writing.


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