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August 26, 2015

First Programming Language

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I have always wanted to learn to program and write code but have not really set the time aside and now I am thinking I am going to do this!

The first thing to decide is which language. Do I start with C, HTML, CSS, Jave, Python?  I discovered I needed to know how to decide, I started the process and these are the pages and sources that I found helpful in starting my evaluation.






Why am I learning a programming language?

If your goal is to learn to program, look for languages that teach basic principles such as Lisp (or Scheme) or possibly Ruby or Smalltalk. There are a number of excellent languages that are specifically designed to teach programming at a fundamental language. You’ll want to bypass most of the mainstream development languages in favor of one of these educational languages, and look for one with an associated workbook, textbook, or other training materials that will effectively tutor you.








HTML is not a programming language of sorts but is critical to know when operating in a web page enviornment.

Before you learn a language, start with ‘drag and drop’ programming.

“Drag and drop” programming is a basic technique that allows you to build code by dragging and dropping blocks or some other visual cue rather than manually writing text-based code.

It makes it easy to understand the basics of programming without getting caught up in meticulous character placement, according to Hadi Partovi, co-founder of a website that offers online coding courses called Code.org.

“Once you’ve learned the basic concepts using drag and drop, you’ll immediately want to learn [how to] do the real thing,” Partovi said to Business Insider.

There are plenty of programs out there that can help you get started with drag and drop programming, including MIT Scratch and Code.org’s Code Studio, and Google Blocky.
Python is one of the easiest languages to start with.

Python is an easy language for beginners, according to Partovi, because there’s less of an emphasis on syntax. So, if you forget your parentheses or misplace a few semicolons, it shouldn’t trip you up as much as it might if you were coding in a different language.



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