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October 10, 2017

How to configure keyboard on my Lenovo T520

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There are a couple of usability issues with the key board. First of all, the CTRL key has been difficult for me because it is to the right the Fn key. I am used to it being the most outside key on that side. There appears to be a fix for that in the BIOS. I tried and it worked on mine. Boot up and press the F1 key to access the BIOS. Under CONFIG there is an option swap the FN and CTRL keys. Enable this and press F10 to save and exit. Allow your machine to boot normally and they should be swapped from now on.

The other is that mine arrived with the functions of the home and delete key swapped. At first I was thinking I would just swap they keys but they are not the same size, so I will have to re-map them. I will update with best solution I found when finished.

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