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January 2, 2020

Recording Streaming Audio in Audacity

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This portable app works great for recording including streaming audio. The set up is not so initiative and it turns out it is Windows that is the issue.

When trying to record, you can only select the Mic as the only input and if you are recording something that the computer is playing, you do not want to also record that ambient noises so you need to enable recording but not through the MIC. It turns that Windows by default has disabled everything but the MIC and you will need to change it in windows and then it works like a charm.

See this exert from the Audacity Wiki

Step 1: input device

Select the Recording Device you are using (such as microphone or line-in) in the dropdown selector of the Audacity Device Toolbar. The dropdown selector you need is the one with the microphone icon.

If you are plugging a microphone or line-in input directly into the jacks on the computer, or recording computer playback such as internet radio, choose the name of the built-in sound device or sound card.

By default, Windows only enables the microphone input. You must exit Audacity, then go to “Sound” in the Windows Control Panel to show and enable other inputs before you can record from them. Instructions can be found on this page: Windows: accessing the Windows Sound controls.
If you are connecting an external device to the computer, such as a USB sound card, USB microphone or USB turntable, choose “USB Audio Codec” or similar.

Follow this link and then select your operating system for more info.

You will need to select Stereo Mix as the recording device and that link will show you how to do so. Alternatively,  it says you can choose the Windows WASAPI loopback recording method instead. I have not tried this. Selecting Stereo mix works well.

Enjoy your recording!






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