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September 19, 2015

WAAAM – Western Antique Aeroplane and Automobile Museum

Another post in discovering weekend and day trip adventures near home.


What a great local spot for a day trip with wife or family? I discovered paper card models a few years back. This would be a great chance to get to see some of the old planes and cars in real life that I am trying to model. These are real working machines from a time long ago. They have scheduled Fly In’s when people fly in in their vintage crafts. Check them out. I know I am going to.



December 10, 2009

Think Electric cars to be Made in Indiana

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Swedish eclectric car maker, Think, is back in business and has cars rolling down the line.  They have a backlog of business to catch up on and then plans to expand across Europe and across a little pond known as the Atlantic Ocean to the US.  There were several states in the running for a local plant and it looks like one won!  Read after the break.

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Source:Automotive News Europe
Electric carmaker Think resumes production
Douglas A. Bolduc
December 10, 2009 12:00 CET

MUNICH — Production of Think Global’s electric minicar started today at contract manufacturer Valmet Automotive’s plant in Uusikaupunk, Finland.

The Norwegian automaker stopped output at its factory in Aurskog, near Oslo, in the second quarter as a result of the financial crisis.

Valmet is one of the investors that helped Think raise $47 million in capital this summer to exit court protection in Norway.

Think plans to begin deliveries of the City full-electric car before Christmas. Most of the units are for government-sponsored fleets with cities in Austria, Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

“The order bank stands at around 2,300 vehicles, and our first priority is to deliver to these customers now that our vehicles are rolling off the production line again. Our next priority is to build on this order book with continued expansion in Europe and around the world,” CEO Richard Canny said in a statement.

Growth plans

Think hopes to have 4,600 units of the two-seat City built in Finland 2010, sales director Richard Waitz told Automotive News Europe in October.

In November, Charles Gassenheimer, chairman and CEO of lithium-ion battery maker Ener1 Inc., which has a 31 percent stake in Think, told Reuters that Think had picked a site in Indiana for its U.S. manufacturing.

Think spokesman James Andrews said Thursday that Indiana is one of four U.S. states in the running to get the plant. He declined to name the other three states vying for the contract. A decision on where to locate U.S. production is due in late January to early February, he said.

Ener1 is Think’s largest investor. Its subsidiary EnerDel will supplier Think with lithium-ion batteries. Swiss company MES DEA supplies the City’s alternative nickel-sodium batteries.

August 29, 2008


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According to Reporter Nancy Rodriguez

Kentucky officials have approved an incentive package that they hope will bring an electric car plant potentially employing thousands of workers to Simpson County, south of Bowling Green.Integrity Manufacturing of Bullitt County has been offered this package and hopes final agreement will come soon.


Kentucky approved a package that would give Integrity Manufacturing $48 million in tax credits to build an $84 million electric vehicle plant in Simpson CountyKentucky approved a package that would give Integrity Manufacturing $48 million in tax credits to build an $84 million electric vehicle plant in Simpson County

.Gov. Beshear issued an executive order Aug. 5 allowing low-speed electric vehicles on many of the state’s roads. This was a move to attract ZAP, now based in

Calif. and building cars in China to choose Kentucky as their US mfg home.Calif. and building cars in China to choose Kentucky as their US mfg home.


Spokespersons for Integrity said Integrity and ZAP plan to announce the plant’s location in Aug 2008 and begin producing battery-powered vehicles there by the end of 2009.

Here is ZAP’s site: http://www.zapworld.com/

Courier Journals link: http://www.courier-journal.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20080816/NEWS01/80816011/

AutoBlog http://www.autobloggreen.com/2008/08/17/zap-one-step-closer-to-building-electric-car-factory-in-kentucky

May 9, 2008

The Electric BMW iSetta is on its way!!!

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New hints that all-electric BMW iSetta is on the way

From user omolody on Flickr.

We’ve seen the renderings – some fanciful, like the ones above, some unsurprising – and heard the rumors about the new all-electric BMW/iSetta vehicle. If we trust the phrasing in a short story in Global Insight (no direct link, sorry; found the story in Lexis Nexis thanks to the EDTA), then we can celebrate a new development at BMW. The story, written by Tim Urquhart, starts, “BMW will give the green light to an all-new zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) city car that will see the premium carmaker enter an all-new segment.” This fits with the news that came out about a month ago that said that a decision would be made sometime this year. The new EV – which might be called the iSetta or potentially co-branded (?) with Smart – will likely have li-ion batteries. We’re ready for some official confirmation on this one, don’t you think?

[Source: Global Insight via EDTA]

Phoenix Motorcars to use Electrovaya batteries?

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In an interesting twist to the saga that is the development of the Phoenix Motorcars electric SUT & SUV program comes news that they are now partnering with a Canadian battery maker. In a press release from that company, Electrovaya says that they are now negotiating an arrangement with Phoenix and have already begun the work of integrating their proprietary Lithium Ion SuperPolymer® battery along with its intelligent battery management system (“iBMS”).

Phoenix Motorcars President and CEO, Daniel J. Elliot is quoted by the release as saying, “We are pleased to have Electrovaya join forces with us, and we are excited to be working with their team and their advanced technologies. Electrovaya’s innovative Lithium Ion SuperPolymer® battery technology stands apart from its peers as a platform, chemistry agnostic technology. Electrovaya’s systems expertise and design experience provide what we need in terms of battery performance.” Hmm. That strikes us as possibly being in conflict with a statement made by the CEO a couple months ago in a different press release which can still be found on the Phoenix Motorcars website. And we quote, “We wholeheartedly support Altairnano’s technology and believe they provide the greatest product available on the market today.” Altairnano being the company that has been trumpeted as the supplier of their battery of choice for some time now, we wonder if a similar fate has befallen them as has their original motor supplier, UQM. Or perhaps Phoenix plans on utilizing the power packs from both companies. We shall try to get the straight dope and let your enquiring minds know but in the mean time go ahead and read the available details in the press release after the break.

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Pininfarina to unveil its electric car this Autumn

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It has been a while but there is finally news of the Pininfarina / Bolloré electric car project. First the good news. According to Channel 4 it will be sold in America as well as Europe and Japan. The bad news? There is no bad news, only more juicy tidbits like; the concept will debut at the Paris Motor Show in October and once we get our heads around that, the production model reveal is scheduled for the Geneva Auto Show in the Spring. Like that? There’s more! The supermini with Pininfarina badging (not pictured above) should seat four and cost in the neighborhood of €15,000. That’s $23,295.75 in American greenbacks at today’s exchange rate.

Although it will be powered by the Bolloré battery from France it will be innately Italian with the Pininfarina-designed coachwork sculpting being performed at its San Giorgio factory. That facility is now used to build the Spider and Brera for Alfa Romeo but that production work will be moved to its Bairo facility. There is a promise from Pininfarina that it will get 155 miles to a charge and although it will take five hours to completely fill it up from empty, a five-minute quickie will get you 15 miles down the road. We look forward to hearing more and are dusting off our Italian. Bene.

[Source: Channel 4]

Green Vehicles and the electric Triac

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More details on the electric Triac emerge + new truck?

Recently we broke a story about a new electric “highway capable” three-wheeled car being prepared for the American market called the Triac. We promised to keep you posted and now that some interesting new details have emerged, behold the posting.

Apparently, many of you out there contacted Green Vehicles to seek out more information about the Triac for yourselves. It seems they might have been a little overwhelmed and it took a few days before a response was sent out en masse. The missive contained lots of interesting information which I will now share with you.

First of all, there were a couple of items from the video that were corrected. In the clip it states that the top speed of the vehicle is 70 mph. This is wrong. Green Vehicles is claiming that it can actually reach 80 mph. That’s a speed that can come in handy when you’re passing on the highway. The other metric to undergo revision was the range. This was lowered from 120 to 100 miles with the further explanation that the original figure was achieved at a relatively slow speed and that the new result was returned from a speed of 45 mph. Other Triac facts we learned were about the drivetrain. It will have a 5-speed transmission (we’re guessing manual) matched to a 20kW AC motor with “one of the world’s most sophisticated battery maintenance systems” to help you get the most out of your lithium ion battery pack. It’s onboard charger will allow you to plug it in to either a 120V or 240V outlet. Now, what was that about a truck? Hit the jump for more news.

Gallery: TRIAC

Also discussed in the e-mail was the news the the Triac would be joined in the Green Vehicles stable by an electric truck called the Buckshot. Using the same motor with a three speed transmission, it is being touted as a “true work truck” and should have the necessary torque, durability and payload capacity that would entail. There will be different options available such as a lockable cargo shell or a steel lumber rack. It is differentiated from the NEVs that Green Vehicles will offer later this year so we are assuming it may be capable of decent speed though we haven’t heard any numbers yet. Also, we are assuming it will be a three-wheeler possibly in the reverse configuration of the Triac. We’ll tell you more as soon as it is revealed to us. For now you can see a couple larger views of the Triac in the gallery below. Scroll down a little farther to read the e-mail as it arrived to us and watch the video again.

Friends of Green Vehicles, We have received an incredible number of inquiries over the past week as a result of our YouTube video postings. So first, thank you for your interest in EVs and in Green Vehicles. We have been hard at work developing vehicles (and, as one recent web siteput it, we have been doing so in “stealth mode”) that will outperform your expectations without asking you to pay an unreachable premium. Our purpose for developing in such a fashion was to avoid making promises and predictions before knowing they can be kept.

So now that you know we exist, we’d like to tell you who we are. Our full website will be posted this in a matter of days; this will be a good place to begin. Please check it out. We are a Northern California based company that will begin selling two best-in-class Lithium-Ion powered pure electric vehicles early this summer. The TRIAC is a 5-speed freeway drivable 3-wheeler with a powerful 20kW AC motor capable of 80MPH (note the correction from video). On a single charge, at a speed of 45MPH, you can drive for 100 miles (we feel this is a more reasonable predictor of range than lower speed tests that led to 120 miles, as shown on the video- update forthcoming).

The BUCKSHOT (no footage posted yet) is a 3-speed Lithium-Ion powered truck also with a 20kW AC motor. This is a true work truck, with close attention paid to payload capacity, torque, and durability. For deliveries, the BUCKSHOT can come with a lockable cargo shell; for construction, a steel lumber rack; and for all-purpose functionality, a steel body with an extra-long bed and an ample passenger cabin. Environmentally conscious universities, businesses, and municipalities should take note of the BUCKSHOT; there is nothing like it!

Both vehicles come standard with one of the world’s most sophisticated battery maintenance systems to ensure that you get the full potential out of each high quality Lithium-Ion battery. Additionally, each EV has an onboard charger that can be plugged into 120V or 240V outlets, giving owners the option for faster charging without giving up the convenience of being able to plug in anywhere.

Green Vehicles’ two NEVs, the Microwatt and the Moose are still underdevelopment; our hope is to bring them to market this fall. In the neighborhood electric vehicle market, there is a delicate balance between affordability and quality; we are happy only when we can offer both. If your question is not addressed by the complete website or by this email, please accept our apology and send us a follow-up email atinfo@greenvehicles.com.

Best regards,
Green Vehicles

[Source: Green Vehicles]

May 1, 2008

The First Hydrogen powered Car in 1807??? « Randy May Family in Hillsboro Oregon

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The First Hydrogen powered Car in 1807??? « Randy May Family in Hillsboro Oregon

The First Hydrogen powered Car in 1807???

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First Hydrogen Powered Car 1807??

In 1807 Francois Isaac de Rivaz of Switzerland designed the first internal combustion engine that ran inside the first automobile. This first experimental prototype was powered by hydrogen gas and oxygen. The Rivaz car stored compressed hydrogen gas in a balloon and it had an electrical Volta cell ignition.

Prototype car runs 100 miles on four ounces of water as fuel

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Prototype car runs 100 miles on four ounces of water as fuel

By: Michael Kwan on Thu. Jun. 1st, 2006, 8:41AM CDT
URL: http://www.mobilemag.com/content/100/354/C8115/

While his unique electrolysis process – working simply with water and electricity – was originally designed to work in welding factories as a replacement for acetylene torches, a whole new application has come to light from Denny Klein, who recently filed a patent on his solution. He has converted his 1994 Ford Escort to run either as a water-gas hybrid, or on water alone.

While the tip of the welder is cool to the touch, the water-powered torch can burn through charcoal and get tungsten to “light up like a sparkler.” But when it comes to powering a vehicle, this prototype could drive for 100 miles on only four ounces of water. Technically, the car isn’t running on water, because the H20 is converted to HHO gas. This is said to provide the “atomic power of hydrogen”, while maintaining the “chemical stability of water.”

He has already attracted the attention of an unnamed American automaker, and Klein has been invited to the Washington to demonstrate his technology, with word that he is now working on a water-gasoline hybrid Hummer for US military.

Of course, none of this has been confirmed, so it’s hard to say whether Mr. Klein’s invention is a) for real, b) actually usable or c) a complete hoax. For example, many have said that the energy required to convert H2O to HHO is greater than that produced when the HHO is burned.

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