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July 18, 2008

Trip to Ojiya Japan

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We just got back from a trip to Ojiya Japan.  It was a trip of 10 students from my son’s Jr. High Japanese Class.  I have been to busy to get much online.  I did want to start; here are a couple of pictures and highlights.

First of all, Ojiya is located in the western part of Japan at near the same latitude as Tokyo and near Nagaoka City.  It is considered home of the brightly colored and highly desired Koi fish and still the best place to buy the best ones from.  The Nigatta Prefecture is reputed to be responsible for growing the best rice in Japan and the Ojiay valley area specifically is noted.  The Shinano Gawa, the longest river in Japan, runs right through the town of Ojiya.  Between the river and the surrounding mountains and lush green valley and endless green rice fields, there is a ton of beauty to appreciate from the look out platform at the top of Mt. Yamamota, just outside of town.  This turned out to be a fantastic place to spend most of our 11 day trip.

This my son and I near the top of Mt. Yamamota with the Mayor of Ojiya.  He has to be the absolute most approachable and nicest person in political office I have ever met. 

This is the Kawai Family and some friends along with my son Joshua  and his classmate, Daniel.  Their home is the home we stayed in while we were there.  These are fantastic people and we really had a blast there.  Their son, Yoshiki, has stayed in our home during past visits to Oregon.  His sister, Satomi, is missing in the photo as she was already back in Tokyo for work and school finishing her degree up in Business Admin. 

Here is Aichon and Minami.  These two were great friends while over there.  They spent a ton a time with us and the kids showing us around and keeping us out of trouble, interpreting and just in general being a huge blessing.  Thank you and I hope to see you both in Oregon soon.

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