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August 26, 2013

What to do with my antivirus software

Well, it is time to reevaluate my solutions for anti-virus software for the laptop.

I usually find one I like and use it continuously until something happens that makes me re-think that. But no matter what, I always have something.

You should too. Not even for just your own good but everyone else as well. If you get infected, the first people you will compromise are those you know and are in your contact list or that you share email or files with and the rest of the world.

I have been using AVG most recently but they have stepped up their marketing efforts to the point that it is invasive and not comfortable so it made me ask, since they are all changing, who has changed enough that it might be better? My research also reminded me that I had not given a new malware/adware solution much thought.

These are the solutions I will be considering:

AVG Free 2013
When I upgraded this last time to a new version it is very difficult to tell you are being upgraded to a new trial version instead of the new free version. When the trial ends you are only asked to purchase a license. I did find a downgrader.exe file from AVG to go back to the free version and I also heard that if you go to uninstall the program, that you get an option to go back to the free version. No matter it got me to looking at options.

Avast Free Antivirus



Trend Micro

For clean up of malware and ad-ware the next two are considered.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Comodo Cleaning Essentials 6

For ongoing malware protection I will consider

Ad-Aware Free Antivirus+ 10.5

PC Mag has a good article on the best protection for 2013. They have other data that offer insight as well here and here.

Another consideration that others might have that I have outgrown, or my kids have anyway, is a solution for kids with families that can watch, monitor, restrict and set time limits etc. A free solution is Norton Online Family. I discovered it after my kids were older but the people I talked to who used it with younger kids really liked it and said it worked well. The parents set up the structure and rules and the kids can manage their time. There is reporting about searches and web activity as well social media and it allows parents and kids to have a conversation about what is safe and what is acceptable. Great tool. Sure wish I had it when my family was younger.

If you are in that place where you need to evaluate your options, join me in the search!


December 15, 2009

How to visit websites that sonicwall blocks

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(update 1.14.2010) I was blocked and I was able to have the block removed at sonic wall. It is possible. I did need the help of an IT manager who worked at a company who employs the sonic wall application. I showed him my photobucket account and that it was not bad in anyway. He contacted his support person at sonic wall. They reviewed my pages and then changed them to a non-restricted designation.

It appears a lot of people are running into photobucket accounts that are blocked or just that photobucket is blocked period. I did a little research online and compiled some good feedback as to what your options are or are not in getting access to your photobucket.com account whether is sonicwall or some other tool blocking access. In the process I found it was a lot more than photobucket. Among the many sites I found with people comlaining and with ideas or suggestions, one of the most commented on threads is found here http://chris.pirillo.com/sonicwall-content-filter-service/ . I found a huge number of people and situations that had other issues with sonicwall as well. I tried to compile many of them here in one location. Many I have tried and some worked while some did not. I left feedback recording what happened with these as well. I hope this helps.

Using a proxy is always a good first option to try. You may find these blocked as well but here are some tools to stay up with what is available.


http://TaxMe.info (blocked 12.14.09)
http://itsaplan.info (blocked 12.14.09)

I highly recommend that you and all your friends sign up to the newsletter to get proxies emailed to you weekly


I also highly recommend that everyone bookmarks the following proxy blogs that are updated daily:


You can try to go through it by a proxy server. Try Anonymouse.org. It’s quite reliable. If you can’t access that try proxy.org. That has a whole list of proxies you can use to access photobucket.

Google search for “anonymous proxy” for a possible way to surf, through a company web filter

See if you can get to proxygerm.info (blocked 12.14.09) and type your blocked url in there.

Also this one: http://unasked.com/question/view/id/959

Here are two that I tried personally to get around my photobucket account that got blocked: They are called https://kproxy.com and then there is http://www.google.com/gwt/n. It is in cache form and there is no html but atleast you get navigate your websites.

Some have said you can convert the url to an IP address and that it will work on some systems. It did not on my system but here are some options in case it works on yours:

I also tried unsuccessfully http://hidebehind.com/ , http://ninjacover.com/ and http://peacefire.org/

I did successfully try this and it did work although a little slow: Open https://www.junkblender.com
Just type in your website on the box provided. There are three boxes. You can select on either of the three boxes provided. Just try where it works. This one works fine with me. NOTE: It’s “HTTPS:” not “HTTP:”

This just worked today 12.14.09: https://kproxy.com/. This one too: https:server1.kproxy.com .

This seems to work on my system: http://safelink.awardspace.com/safelinks/

instead of http, type in https://www.facebook.com and it should work

Here is a myspace work around:
Try https:kproxy.com or https:server1.kproxy.com or whatever server number you desire, then type in myspace.com. It runs a little slow, but you can do anything as if the site is not blocked at all. Unlike vtunnel, where it is FAST but you cannot answer messages or comments, or friend requests.

Here is a tunneling process you can use to create a VPN from your home PC:
There are a few ways to get around it. You can create a VPN on your home computer and access it.

Alternatively, you could download and install TightVNC on your Home PC.
When it’s done, go to start-> All Programs -> Tight VNC-> Show user settings. Make sure to set your passwords. They should be strong and no more than 8 characters. Click apply, then ok.

Then, plug in a flash drive. Open the install file again. Click next. Click next again at the agreement. Then, when it says “Select Destination Location” click browse and select your flash drive. Click next. Put an X next to “Tight VNC Viewer” . Click next. This will install the program to your flash drive. When it’s done, remove the drive.

Open command prompt. You can do this by going to start-> Run
Type “command” in the box and click run. When command prompt opens, type “ipconfig”. Your IP information will come up. Make note of your IP address.

When you get to work or school and you want to get around the block, plug in your flash drive and run the “TightVNC Viewer” that you installed.

Type in your IP address, and click connect. Then, type your password and proceed.

This lets you access your home PC from anywhere you plug your flash drive into. Your home PC must be on for this to work!

atunnel.com, btunnel.com, ctunnel.com, dtunnel.com, vtunnel.com…try every tunnel in the alphabet…at first they blocked v,a,b, and c tunnel..but got tired of it and now we used dtunnel.com !!


Today I found out from a friend that my site is being blocked by the censorware company SonicWALL. The category they use is “Games”, which is absurd, since I’m not a gaming website, I don’t host games, and I have never linked to games.

I’m not sure why I’m being filtered, but SonicWALL does not provide people a way to appeal your label. Once it’s set, apparently it’s final.

I’ve found some other people who have had the same experience:

UPDATE – I found a link off the last posting above and was able to request a re-examination of my website. We’ll see how it goes. They promise to get me reclassified within 3-5 days. I don’t hope for much for two reasons: 1. My language and content can be kind of raw at times, and seeing how I just called Ann Coulter a tranny I’ll likely be classified as pornography, and 2. If sites that employ SonicWALL don’t install filtering updates (could happen) then my newly reclassified site is still blocked. I don’t know what their policy is for making people update, but just like all those people I know that don’t update their anti-virus after installing, this could be the same thing.

I hope some of this helps you.

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