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January 17, 2013

Where do I find a owner’s manual for my car?

1934 Dodge Truck Shop Manual CoverHelp, where can I get a replacement owners manual for my car?

When you buy a used car or if you lost the manual to your new car, there used to only a couple of solutions. You could go order one from the dealership and pay a bunch of money and wait weeks to get it or your could try to find a used one at a salvage yard or garage sale or the like.

Today that is not the case. If you want a replacement manual, you can still attack if old school style or you can move into more current times.

1) there are a few printers that produce most of the new car manuals and they have replacement manuals available as well.

http://www.techauthority.com is available online or by phone at (800) 890-4038
This is the website to order the printed versions of all Chrysler owners manuals

Helm, Inc. offers paper manuals for Acura, Ford, all GM brands, Honda, Hyundai, Isuzu, Jaguar, Lincoln, Lexus, Mercury and Mitsubishi, Toyota and Scion — for a fee. 

2) Besides the printed versions, many manuals are available online. Here are several links that allow viewing, printing and even downloading manuals for free from online sources and in some cases they offer the ability to purchase some as well. It is amazing how many manuals there are access to in these links.

http://www.manualsforcars.com/     Manuals that are not available online, like VW, can be found here in many cases.

You can purchase paper manuals for Audi and VW at the links above as the mfg. does not make them available online at all at the time of this writing.

And if a used owner’s manual is OK, or you’re after the manual for an obscure model, eBay, Amazon or other sources for used merchandise are always worth a shot.

I am always glad to help if you are looking for new or pre-owned car. Please give me a call at 503-708-7269.

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April 4, 2011

Chrysler and Fiat Producing Growth and New Models!

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As a guy who works at a Dodge Chrysler Jeep dealer and lived through the Mercedes Chrysler fiasco, I was not excited about a Fiat version of that.  As I have watched the 2011 models come out and all the immediate improvements and the commitment to quality, even if it meant delaying the release of a new model and I do have to say that I am excited for the future. I saw the article below online today and re-posted it below.

It looks like we can expect some really cool stuff soon.

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Fiat to launch two Dodge-based sedans in China, Russia
Luca Ciferri
Automotive News Europe | April 4, 2011 10:06 CET

TURIN — Fiat plans to launch a compact sedan in China and Russia based on the Dodge Caliber replacement that launches in North America next January.

The sedan will go into production in China in the second half of next year. Fiat has not yet announced timing for the Russia launch.

Fiat will also launch a mid-sized sedan in China and in Russia in late 2013 based on the replacement for the Dodge Avenger that will debut in the United States the same year.

Both sedans are based on a 40mm-widened version of Fiat’s new Compact architecture, which Fiat and Chrysler call Compact Wide. The Compact architecture debuted first on the Alfa Romeo Giulietta compact hatchback last year.

Fiat-Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne said the sedans are the first clear example of the global reach of the Fiat-Chrysler alliance, adding that the Compact Wide architecture will become “truly global” because it will also underpin future Jeep compact and mid-sized SUVs. He was speaking at Fiat’s annual shareholders meeting on March 30.

Fiat has not yet decided whether to sell the compact sedan in western Europe, where buyers prefer hatchbacks and station wagons over sedans.

The mid-sized sedan could possibly come to Europe badged as a Lancia. Later this year, Lancia will start sales of its first rebadged Chrysler models — the Thema large sedan, a rebadged Chrysler 300C, and the Grand Voyager minivan.

Fiat will open a new China plant in July 2012 in the Changsha Economic Zone in Hunan province with joint venture partner Guangzhou Automobile Group Co. Guangzhou Auto has joint ventures with Honda Motor Co. and Toyota Motor Corp.

Fiat is also looking for sites and potential partners for a 300,000-capacity factory in Russia after a planned joint venture with Russia’s Sollers collapsed in February when Sollers instead teamed up with Ford Motor Co.

In Russia, in addition to the two sedans, Fiat also plans to build two Jeeps — the Compass/Patriot and the Liberty/Cherokee successors.

In China, Fiat will build the mid-sized sedan, as well the two Jeep models also planned for Russia.

At full capacity, envisaged for 2014, Fiat-Chrysler plan to build a million vehicles a year underpinned by the Compact and Compact Wide architectures for the Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat and Jeep brands.


November 12, 2010

Jeep and Mopar Are First In Industry To Offer Off-road Camper Trailers

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Designed to meet off-road capabilities of Jeep® 4×4 vehicles, Jeep® Trail and Extreme Trail campers incorporate Jeep® Wrangler’s rugged design cues, including Jeep® Wrangler Rubicon 17-inch cast-aluminum wheels (with 5-lug by 5-inch bolt pattern to utilize most Jeep® vehicles’ spare tire), taillights, fender flares, rear bumper (Trail Edition camper only), badging and hood-tie downs. In August 2010, both Jeep® camper trailers may be ordered at local Jeep® dealers through Mopar, Chrysler Group LLC’s service, parts and customer-care brand.


  • Campers accommodate four adults and feature a queen-size bed, sofa with stowable table, built-in aluminum cabinet, 110-volt power supply and a premium canvas enclosure
  • Camper trailers feature innovative engineering, capability and are designed and tested for Jeep® off-road capability
  • For casual campers, the Jeep® Trail Edition camper is designed to endure trails with its lightweight all-aluminum construction, 32-inch BF Goodrich Mud Terrain tires, 12 inches of ground clearance, trailing-arm suspension, diamond-plated aluminum covering, and available 360-degree axis pintle hitch
  • For hard-core off-road enthusiasts, the Jeep® Extreme Trail Edition camper ups the ante with a heavier frame, 35-inch BF Goodrich Mud Terrain tires, 15 inches of ground clearance, full-underbody skid plate, high-mounted fenders, and available 360-degree axis pintle hitch
  • The all-new Jeep® Trail Edition camper (MSRP: $9,995) and Extreme Trail Edition camper (MSRP: $11,995) may be ordered as Mopar accessories on August 1, 2010 at local Jeep® dealerships

Jeep® Trail Edition Camper for Casual Campers

The all-new Jeep® Trail Edition camper is designed for the Jeep® enthusiast looking to hit the trails with the family.

Part-number details for Jeep® Trail Edition camper accessory models:

  • Jeep® Trail Edition camper in Bright Silver Metallic and Black (P/N: LLBASE01)
  • Jeep® Trail Edition camper in Flame Red (P/N: LLBASE02)
  • Jeep® Trail Edition camper in Mango Tango Pearl (P/N: LLBASE03)
  • Jeep® Trail Edition camper in Natural Green Metallic (P/N: LLBASE04)

Dimensions for Jeep® Trail Edition camper:

  • Weight: 850 lbs.
  • Height: 49.5 inches
  • Width: 88 inches
  • Ground clearance: 12 inches

Jeep® Extreme Trail Edition Camper for Extreme Off-roaders

The all-new Jeep® Extreme Trail Edition camper is designed to handle maximum off-road capability that hard-core off-road enthusiasts crave, with additional trail equipment to go anywhere and do anything.

Part-number details for Jeep® Extreme Trail Edition camper accessory models:

  • Jeep® Extreme Trail Edition camper in Bright Silver Metallic and Black (P/N: LLPREM01)
  • Jeep® Extreme Trail Edition camper in Flame Red (P/N: LLPREM02)
  • Jeep® Extreme Trail Edition camper in Mango Tango Pearl (P/N: LLPREM03)
  • Jeep® Extreme Trail Edition camper in Natural Green Metallic (P/N: LLPREM04)

Dimensions for Jeep® Extreme Trail Edition camper:

  • Weight: 1,050 lbs.
  • Height: 52 inches
  • Width: 88 inches
  • Ground clearance: 15 inches

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